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Brazil Single Origin

Brazil Single Origin

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Bean Style

Cupping notes: Delicate and sweet with wine, citric acidity, cocoa, pecan, and malt. Available in medium or dark roast.

Processing: Washed

Country of Origin



Campo das Vertentes


905-1160 MASL


Sancoffee is a certified B corporation

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Campo das Vertentes is a program with B-Corp certified exporter “Sancoffee”. Green buyer Luis Arocha took our long-time strategy of buying premium, estate specific 84-86 point Brazil lots to this region for Cafe Imports. You will find that these coffees represent an elevated Brazilian profile, truly representative of the terroir of the region. The lab at Sancoffee actively separates out the day lots that are cupping better than our "Serra Negra" level to blend together to form these larger lots. Typically this lots are processed traditionally as either Natural or Pulped Natural. Many customers find that these coffees can either be featured as a single origin, estate specific lot, or as a blend component that would have drastically cleaner cups and be higher scoring that traditional Brazalian lots.

Sancoffee has a strong commitment to the local community and supports many development initiatives to continue to elevate the overall quality and stability of the region long-term.