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Peru Single Origin

Peru Single Origin

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Bean Style

Cupping notes: Dark chocolate, mild cooked grape, tangy acidity & mellow sugary sweetness. Medium dark roast.

Processing: Washed

Country of Origin



Cajamarca, Jaen


1600-1900 MASL


Caturra, Typica, and Catimor

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As of the 2010s, Peru is one of the top producers of Arabica coffee, often ranked fifth in world production and export of Arabica. The remoteness of the coffee farms and the incredibly small size of the average farm has prevented much of the single-farm differentiation that has allowed for microlot development and marketing in other growing regions, but as with everything else in specialty coffee, this is changing quickly as well. The country’s lush highlands and good heirloom varieties offer the potential for growers to beat the obstacles of limited infrastructure and market access, and as production increases, we are more likely to see those types of advancements.